Need for JANEEMO

An analysis by the Malawi government identified the majority of households in Dowa as extremely poor.  Nutrition levels are not high and access to health and education services is limited.


Communities are heavily dependent on shrinking forests for energy. Sourcing firewood is becoming increasingly difficult, reducing time available for education and enterprise development.


In common with many African countries, HIV and AIDS have led to a reduced labour force. As a result, households are often female headed. This means that women and girls face multiple challenges of caring, supplying food and energy for growing households.


As a result of climate change, droughts, flash flooding and erratic weather patterns are becoming more common. Associated problems include failed or poor harvests, degraded soils, shortages of water for crops and domestic use, and siltation of rivers and hydro-electric power turbines.


JANEEMO helps tackle all these challenges by providing nutrition, woodfuel, medicine and ecological improvements.