What is JANEEMO?

JANEEMO is an agricultural design system that integrates trees, shrubs and vegetables. These create diverse food production systems for sustainable living and enterprise development. These are grown by farmers, as living fences around household and field boundaries, intercropped with maize and other staples and planted as gardens. The food, timber and other income-generating products are used at the household level or sold locally.



Development of JANEEMO

Since 2007, we have been actively encouraging planting and use of Jatropha, Neem and Moringa (JANEEMO) trees in combination at the smallholder level, in the Lower Shire districts.


In 2011, JANEEMO moved its focus to the Lilongwe and Dowa districts. A new partnership was formed, with permaculture experts, Kusamala Institute of Agriculture & Ecology. More diversity was introduced to the planting model, with the introduction of new trees and shrubs, and the creation of a food forest with vegetables. Additional sustainable farming techniques are also being promoted, including diversified planting, use of swales, rainwater conservation, use of vetiver grass and mulching. These are helping to better manage water, soil and land, reduce the impact of climate change on agricultural production and protect the environment for the improvement of lives and health.