JANEEMO principles

Localisation not globalisation. JANEEMO is helping communities meet their own needs through the development of local enterprises.  We are not driven by the export demands for biofuels in Europe and beyond.

Size is important.  The JANEEMO enterprise is appropriately proportioned to meet the needs of local people first - not growing to levels which require outside help and unsustainable resources from elsewhere.

Alleviating poverty. JANEEMO provides a range of small-scale enterprise opportunities for farmers to diversify their income streams through sustainable utilisation of natural resources.

Food security first. We do not encourage the planting of trees on agriculturally productive land, except where appropriate as part of an integrated agroforestry system. JANEEMO trees are planted as living fences around field margins, as contour hedges or on steep slopes prone to erosion.

Diversity not monoculture. We believe that plantation cash crops encourage the spread of pests and diseases and require more external inputs such as herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers than a mixed species production system that works with nature, not against it.  JANEEMO promotes multiple species intercropping.

Stakeholders not shareholders. The members of the JANEEMO Association reap what they sow and share in all the benefits from their hard work.  Any profits that are made stay in the community and are not divided amongst a few investors.

Engagement not exploitation. JANEEMO does not operate as an outsourcer or contractor of farmers.  We work together with farmers, helping them to help themselves - not anyone else.