About Us

Grant Davidson

Grant was the International Development Co-ordinator at the James Hutton Institute. He is responsible for directing the project for the Scottish Government and partners. Grant has over 15 years experience of research on natural resource management in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya. He has worked with many pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Pakistan, India, Tibet, Chile and China. Grant was also the Chairman of the Orskov Foundation, a charity set up in 2005 to support community development projects in a number of developing countries.

Eston Mgala

Eston is the is the programme officer, responsible for much of the implementation of the project. He is a Malawian national, with vast knowledge and experience in permaculture. He is an incredibly passionate worker, successfully motivating those that he trains in permaculture techniques. Eston is a founding member of Kusamala’s permaculture demonstration centre.

Gladson Chakwera

Gladson has the charisma and influence that makes him a natural for grassroots organising. He successfully coordinates our JANEEMO events in participating villages and communities.

Molly Cheatum

Molly is the Executive Director for Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology. She is responsible for maintaining the vision of the organization -  to see resilient Malawian communities thriving with enough food, clean water, and energy to be self-sufficient. She has experience in conservation finance, specifically payment programs and market-based approaches that improve agro-biodiversity, carbon sequestration, water management, and ecosystem services.

Catherine Carlton

Catherine is the Program Manager at KAIE. She manages the commercial garden, intern and volunteer program, and coordinates projects. Catherine has a background in development and has focused specifically on how sustainable agriculture can be used to promote healthy livelihoods. She comes to us with significant regional and programmatic experience from her time with the Peace Corps in rural Zambia.

Marie Raboin

Marie is the Director of Agroecology for KAIE. She is responsible for monitoring and evaluating techniques, including permaculture, and recommending uses to improve soil, water, and agro-biodiversity resources. She has extensive experience as a consultant and researcher in conservation agriculture, livestock management and horticultural science.


Charlie Henderson

Charlie Henderson of Climate Futures is responsible for communication and project development. Climate Futures is an independent Scottish carbon management and climate engagement consultancy. Charles has produced films and education programmes for JANEEMO for four years.